My name is May and I am a licensed Homeopath and Herbalist who wants to bring you alternatives that help you maintain a healthy life.


To do this, I publish a weekly newsletter that gives first aid tips about homoeopathy and herbs, dietary and weight loss tips and vitiamin tips. I also give recipes for making herbal soaps, and creams.


In short, my newsletter covers all the complimentary and alternative ways that can help you achieve good health.


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What does a homeopath do?

A homeopath takes a holistic approach to treating patients and they consider both past and present symptoms. Whether a physical, emotional, or psychological problem, the homeopath will treat the patient with highly diluted substances over weeks or months in order to alleviate the condition.



What does a herbalist do?

The medical herbalist or herbal practitioner has an extensive knowledge of plants and their healing properties. They consult with patients and treat them for illness, allergy, and physical conditions using plant-based preparations.