Here are some of the more popular homoeopathic remedies, which are especially good for first aid.


Please be aware that because homoeopathy treats the whole person, the characteristics of the patient and symptoms should be taken into consideration when giving remedies.


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Arnica – this is one of the best known remedies. Invaluable in case of shock, accidents, bleeding and bruising. It can be used on the skin in the form of cream or taken internally as a remedy.


Apis – this remedy is made from honey bee and is good for insect bites and stings. It is also good for water retention, cystitis, nettlerash and many other complaints. The key to this remedy is the pain felt by the patient. For this remedy to be used the pain should be burning, smarting, stinging – just like the pain of a bee



Calendula – this remedy is made from the common marigold and is a natural antiseptic. Can be used as a tincture, taken internally in the form of a remedy or applied to the skin in cream form which will cleanse any wound and aid healing. Instructions for making tincture can be found in my newsletter.


Chamomilla – another very well known remedy which is made from German chamomile. Very useful in colic and teething babies. Also useful in earache and toothache. The patient would be very irritable and contrary.


Echinacea – perhaps better known as a herbal supplement this remedy is a natural blood cleanser and is very good in poisonous bites and wounds. It is invaluable when travelling to countries where the water is unclean.


Gelsemium – this is made from yellow jasmine and is a great remedy for flu, teething babies, shocks and ordeals e.g. exams, interviews. I have also used it successfully on patients who are afraid of flying. In flu the patient would be very drowsy with heavy drooping eyelids – very tired and weak.


Hepar Sulph – very good for toothache, cold sores, splinters, styes, earache etc. The pains would be like needles or splinters. In tonsillitis or sore throats the pain would travel to the ears on swallowing.


Ignatia – made from St Ignatias bean – excellent remedy for shock and grief, miscarriage, sadness, sore throat etc. The patient would have a sensation of a lump in the throat which is unusual in that it is not painful when swallowing.


Lachesis – great for menstrual problems, boils, headaches, sore throats. Pain would be throbbing, pulsing like a hammer.


Nat Mur – this remedy is made from common salt and is invaluable in cold sores, anemia, cracked lips, sunstroke, water retention. Salt regulates the water in our body so people needing this remedy would have some sort of problem with the amount of water in the body. It is also a good remedy for people who have difficulty letting tears flow.


Nux Vomica – sometimes called the hangover remedy as it can help with over indulgence in alcohol as well as too much coffee, cigarettes or rich food and the symptoms produced by the overindulgence – headaches, indigestion, nausea and vomiting.


Pulsatilla – another well known remedy made from the meadow anemone. A great remedy for women – for regulating menstrual problems, earache, mumps, headaches, varicose veins.and lots of other complaints. The patient would not be comfortable in a stuffy room, would want lots of sympathy and be affectionate.


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What does a homeopath do?

A homeopath takes a holistic approach to treating patients and they consider both past and present symptoms. Whether a physical, emotional, or psychological problem, the homeopath will treat the patient with highly diluted substances over weeks or months in order to alleviate the condition.



What does a herbalist do?

The medical herbalist or herbal practitioner has an extensive knowledge of plants and their healing properties. They consult with patients and treat them for illness, allergy, and physical conditions using plant-based preparations.