Here is a list of some websites which I have found helpful and easy to use.


Health Products:
For a great selection of health products why not visit Forever Living.
Forever Living products are all made from Aloe Vera which is a natural remedy. Their product range is wide and varied ranging from skin care, dieting products, drinks and vitamins all of which are designed to increase your health. This site is well worth a look.


What can you say about WeightWatchers. Their record speaks for itself but now you can get all the benefits online.


Self Improvement:
This is a great site. Hypnosis downloads to help you fulfil your dreams. Maybe stop smoking, lose weight, improve your golf or curling, improve your self esteem, let go of emotional issues.


I like this site because it has everything you will need at good prices.


High Nature:
This is a great site with lots of products. You will surely find something to suit.


Something Different:
This is a great site for all skin care and beauty products. Did you know that Avons’ Skin so Soft products are excellent at repelling mosquitoes and midges.


Be Healthy

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What does a homeopath do?

A homeopath takes a holistic approach to treating patients and they consider both past and present symptoms. Whether a physical, emotional, or psychological problem, the homeopath will treat the patient with highly diluted substances over weeks or months in order to alleviate the condition.



What does a herbalist do?

The medical herbalist or herbal practitioner has an extensive knowledge of plants and their healing properties. They consult with patients and treat them for illness, allergy, and physical conditions using plant-based preparations.